Chamber Celebrates People of Impact at its Annual Meeting and Gala

The Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce's (BACC) Annual Meeting and Gala was held on Friday, January 26, at the Batesville Community Center. Over five hundred guests gathered to celebrate outstanding area businesses and individuals in their "Impact Era."

The Chamber celebrated the People of IMPACT, who are in a distinct era of leadership in our community and whose contributions are noteworthy to our community's development. The People of Impact were recognized in distinct categories: Catalysts, Shapers, Trailblazers, Titans, and Icons.

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Catalysts ignite positive change and inspire others to participate. Carlene Morrison, Amanda Roberts, and Judge Kevin Jeffery were recognized as Catalysts.

Shapers are steadfast in molding and influencing the positive development of our community. Those recognized included Carly Dahl, Dustyn Bork, Dr. Sam Cooke, Ashley Engles, Reneé Martin, and Pam Palermo.

Trailblazers strategically navigate and endure challenges to pursue a vision for a more prosperous future. Trailblazers include Amy Finster, Wiley Osborn, Dr. Rachel Baker, and Dr. Lesley Milton.

Titans are a powerful force that used their strengths, whether through voice, influence, or philanthropy, to uphold crucial causes and drive impactful initiatives. Those recognized as Titans include Micah Beard, Landon Downing, Robert Christian, Scott Lancaster, Boris Dover, Cathy Drew, Kyle Gaither, Stacy Gunderman, Gary Paxson, Jody Smotherman, and Kevin Rose.

Icons were recognized for a lifetime dedicated to civic leadership, demonstrating unparalleled involvement and bringing about historic transformations that have shaped and elevated the community. Those recognized as Icons include Thomas Bryant, Dale Cole, Mayor Rick Elumbaugh, Ted Hall, Dianne Lamberth, Jan Smith, and the Honorable Bill Walmsley.

Read the honorees’ full biographies at batesvillearea.com/chamber/people-of-impact.

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