Advertising and Promotions Commission

The City of Batesville’s Advertising & Promotions Commission exists to attract visitors to the community by supporting and promoting events, attractions, and tourism-related activities and enhancing the city's overall quality of life.

The A&P Commission determines the use of the city A&P funds generated by a 3% lodging tax for accommodations within the city limits of Batesville, Arkansas. The Batesville Advertising and Promotion Commission is the governing body for Experience Independence.

Advertising & Promotions Commissioners

Cathy Drew, Ozark Gateway Tourism (Chair)

Landon Reeves, Batesville City Council

Beth Christian, The River Waterfront Steakhouse and Sand Bar

Julie Hinkle, Batesville City Council

Debbie Jones, Colton's Steak House & Grill

Haley Stephens, at-large

Stephanie Wilson, Hampton Inn

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The creation of a regional wayfinding system for Independence County originated in the IMPACT Independence County strategic plan, published in 2016. The goal of the program is to highlight destinations within Independence County and to make travel easier for visitors. Modeled after the highly successful regional wayfinding program adopted and executed by the Northwest Arkansas Council, the Independence County regional wayfinding program will introduce unique signage designed to capture the attention of all visitors. See the updated Wayfinding Plan, adopted by that Commission in April 2024.


The City of Batesville’s A&P Commission is proud to make Event Grants available to promote tourism and increase hotel stays within the city limits of Batesville. 

The purpose of the incentive grant is to further the efforts of the City of Batesville Advertising and Promotions Commission (A&P) to promote tourism and increase hotel stays within the city limits of Batesville, Arkansas. Funding is to offset expenses related to hosting the event and encourage the event's growth.


Event grants are based on the total number of paid hotel stays within the city limits of Batesville, Arkansas, attributed directly to the event. Hotel stays outside of city limits will not be considered for funding. 

Funding will be issued after the event is complete, the Batesville Area Chamber has verified hotel stays, and the grant applicant has met all requirements.


  • All applications will be accepted by the Batesville Area Chamber and presented to the A&P Commission for review and approval. 

  • Applications must be received at least three months before the event. 

  • A minimum of 10 hotel stays per event must be expected for the event to qualify for funding. 

  • Applying does not guarantee funding. 

  • If one organization has multiple events, the organization must fill out a separate application per event.

  • Applicants must communicate any event changes before the scheduled start date. Ex: event cancellation, rainout, etc. 

  • A previously funded event or project does not guarantee funding for the current application.

  • Recognition Requirements:

    • The Batesville Area Chamber will contact the grant applicant regarding approval or denial of the grant application. 

    • Grant recipients must agree to recognize the Batesville A&P Commission as a funding source on all printed material and websites. The A&P Commission logo will be provided at the time of acceptance. 

    • Space for banners and/or promotional materials must be made available to the Batesville A&P Commission at the location of the event if requested by the Batesville Area Chamber.

  • Feedback Requirements:

    • An event recap is required by the event organizer before funds will be released. The event recap should include feedback regarding facilities utilized, dining, lodging, and any other related comments.

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