College or Adventure Park?

Is it a college campus or an adventure park? That question may run through your head when you discover what the campus of Lyon College has to offer, not just to its students but to the public.

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Let me repeat that last part, these amazing resources are open to the public!!!

Located in the heart of Batesville, Lyon College has taken full advantage of its placement in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. The campus boasts nearly 5 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, an 18-hole disc golf course, bouldering cave and an adventure course with high and low elements.

The driving force behind the development of so many outdoor activities on campus has been the Lyon Education and Adventure Program (LEAP). This is one of the most active outdoor programs in the entire state. In between taking amazing outdoor trips all around the Country, the guys and gals of LEAP help maintain and continue the development of Lyon’s growing collection of on-campus activities.

Hiking and Biking Trail:

There are 3 primary trails on campus, which all tie into each other at some point allowing users to easily take full advantage of the entire trail system.
The entrances to the trail are behind the Lyon Building on the west side of the wall for bikers and hikers and down the stairs on the east side of the Lyon Building wall for hikers and runners.
There is even a repair station equipped with a pump and tools for easy fixes at the top of the trailhead!

Upper Bluff Trail: 1.3 Miles (Intermediate)
Lower Bluff Trail: 1.5 Miles (Advanced)
Cross Country Trail: 1.6 Miles (Easy)

The trails feature exciting obstacles, berms, bridges and jump to keep riders on their toes. 

18-Hole Disc Golf Course:

The 18-Hole Disc Golf Course spans nearly the entire campus of Lyon College. The course was developed around the natural features of campus which include hills, trees, and large open areas.

Disc Golf is played just like regular golf however the golfer is using specially designed frisbees or discs to reach the designated target (metal basket). Not to mention disc golf is much cheaper to play!
Each hole is a Par 3 and can be played in six, nine or full 18-hole increments.

Maps of the course, as well as a wide array of discs and specialty discs, are available in The Scot Shop located in the Edward Commons building. 

Bouldering Cave:

What is bouldering you may ask? It is a form of rock climbing that does not require ropes or gear and is usually limited to shorter climbs.
The cave features several challenging climbing angles andhas a padded mat for safety. The bouldering cave is basically a jungle gym for adults, however, kids love it as well!
Once again thanks to the folks at LEAP, the wall is constantly changing with new routes to conquer.

This is a great place to get a workout or practice for your next trip to the crag. 

Highland Adventure Challenge Course:

The newest and most exciting addition to the Lyon campus is the Highland Adventure Challenge Course. This place is loaded with both low and high elements that are both challenging and breathtaking. 

The course is designed to help develop team building, communication, problem-solving, self-confidence, and other perceived benefits. 
My personal favorite is the giant swing. Just picture agiant pendulum that you are attached to. The group uses ropes and pulleys to hoist the rider into the air and with the use of a ripcord, the rider is released. This will leave you with a permanent smile on your face for hours.

The Highland Adventure Challenge Course is the one activity on campus that must be facilitated by LEAP staff.
Pricing is extremely reasonable! 

For more information including trail maps and booking information for the Highland Adventure Course visit: https://www.lyon.edu/leap

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