Ribbon-Cutting held for Exhilarate Infusion Spa

The Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce held a Ribbon-Cutting ceremony for Exhilarate Infusion Spa. 

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Exhilarate Infusion Spa, a new provider of IV nutrient therapy, is dedicated to enhancing clients' overall health by replenishing essential vitamins, trace minerals, electrolytes, and more through intravenous administration. Services include an extensive range of specialty infusions that cater to various needs, including immunity enhancement, fitness optimization, mental focus enhancement, recovery and performance enhancement, weight management, and hair, skin, and nail health. Exhilarate Infusion Spa’s mission is to empower clients to make informed decisions about their health journey by educating them on the benefits of IV nutrient therapy. 

“The business, designed to nurture our community's well-being, is a testament to the vision that health and wellness should be accessible to all, nestled in the comfort of our neighborhood. We are so excited to be in Batesville,” said Exhilarate Infusion Spa owner Emma Treadway, RN. “We offer a wide array of services, from invigorating infusions tailored to meet individual health goals to a variety of replenishing wellness shots that promote a healthier, more vibrant you.”

Exhilarate Infusion Spa is located at 2880 Harrison Street in Batesville and operates a mobile unit.

Ambassadors in attendance include Aaron Herndon (Citizens Bank), Adam Curtwright (Centennial Bank), Amy Finster (White River Health), Andrea Bruner (Network of Community Options), Brenda Rivera (First Community Bank), Ashley Engles (Citizens Bank), Eva Henriksen (Merchants & Planters Bank), Kristi Morgan (FNBC), Kirsten Harvey (Arkansas Sherriff's Youth Ranch), Lori Tacker (Batesville Eye Care Center), Lucy Rodriguez (George's Inc), Mary Duvall (Bad Boy, Inc),  Meredith Simmons (Home Instead ), Michael Kelley (Peco Foods), Peter Rouiler (First Community Bank), Roxanne Rananudo (United Way of North Central AR), Silje Antonsen (Venture Realty Group), Tammy Jeffrey (First Community Bank), Tiffany Traw (UACCB)Julie Hinkle (Bank of Cave City), and Dana Millikin (White River Now).

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