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Judge Kevin Jeffery emerges as a pivotal figure in the technological evolution of Independence County, earning well-deserved recognition for his pioneering efforts in broadband connectivity. In a visionary move, Judge Jeffery strategically founded the Independence County Broadband Committee in early 2023, setting the stage for a transformative era. His foresight has positioned Independence County to harness a monumental $1 billion in Broadband Equity Access Deployment funding from the federal government, marking an unprecedented milestone in broadband history.

At the helm of this initiative, Judge Jeffery orchestrates a collaborative dance with the Arkansas State Broadband Office, ensuring that Independence County's internet service providers are integral players in the economic landscape shaped by this historic funding program. His relentless advocacy extends beyond mere infrastructure, championing internet access and digital skills development for every resident of the county.

Judge Kevin Jeffery stands as a beacon of progress, reshaping Independence County into a hub of connectivity and innovation. His strategic leadership and commitment to digital inclusivity mark him as a catalyst in propelling the county into a future where broadband is not just a service but a transformative force, empowering communities and fostering economic growth.

Carlene Morrison emerges as a beacon of transformation in the realm of community libraries, earning well-deserved recognition for her remarkable leadership. Once a lackluster county library program, under Carlene's visionary guidance, it has metamorphosed into a dynamic hub of knowledge and engagement. The library, now under her stewardship, offers an impressive array of over 50 programs monthly, spanning from cutting-edge e-sports initiatives to enriching genealogy sessions and delightful toddler reading events.

Carlene's commitment to educational enhancement aligns seamlessly with the community's placemaking goals, reshaping the landscape through accessible and diverse programs. Her strategic vision has turned the library into a vibrant center, fostering intellectual growth and community connection. Beyond mere administration, Carlene has breathed life into every corner of the library, making it a dynamic space for people of all ages and interests.

Her dedication echoes in the resonance of each program offered, contributing significantly to the cultural and educational fabric of the community. Carlene Morrison, with her transformative approach, has elevated the county library program into a model of innovation, proving that libraries are not just repositories of books but dynamic catalysts for community enrichment and development.

Amanda Roberts, a community luminary, earns recognition for her transformative impact, seamlessly blending innovation and advocacy. At the heart of her influence is a commitment to community vibrancy and well-being. Through meticulously planned, free special events, Amanda injects life into the community, fostering a sense of togetherness. Her visionary leadership extends to securing grants, amassing an impressive $1.35 million in three years, catalyzing pivotal projects.

Amanda's imprint is evident in the Main Street Pedestrian Corridor, a two-phase venture totaling $650,000, enhancing the urban landscape. Her acumen secured a $300,000 grant from the Federal Highway Administration for the Safe Streets for All Action Plan, ensuring the community's safety. The Greenway Phase V project, with a $370,000 grant, exemplifies her dedication to sustainable infrastructure, connecting neighborhoods.

Not confined to projects, Amanda serves as the Parks Advisory Committee Secretary, shaping recreational spaces. Her multifaceted impact transcends monetary figures, embodying a relentless spirit of community enhancement. Amanda Roberts, a catalyst for positive change, enriches lives and communities, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape she so passionately transforms.

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