Spring Creek Outfitters

The working Spring Creek Ranch matured into offering hunting excursions in the extremely sought-after Ozark Mountains Region back in 1985. Game and land management became the core focus of Spring Creek in order to produce the best whitetail herd in the region, support the continued growth of the native turkey rafters, and build a healthy Upland bird habitat. The whitetail trophy population has flourished on almost 2,000 acres of prime territory for growth with an excellent gene pool and 35 years of comprehensive herd management. The Gillihan’s daily dedication to preserving the quality of their resources and wild game is apparent as you experience all that Spring Creek Outfitters has to offer located in the heart of God’s Country.

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Spring Creek Outfitters manages almost 2,000 acres of quality whitetail, turkey, bear, and upland bird habitat. Adhering to a comprehensive management plan for almost 35 years has allowed the wild game to mature, breed, and improve their stock with each passing year. The Gillihan’s dedication to the hard work required to properly manage, improve, and maintain quality control over their top-tier Ozark resource is what gives their customers the best experiences year after year.
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